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Member Conduct Code

Our goal at Free Chips Chatroom is to create a space where users can enjoy games and socializing in a friendly atmosphere. Your participation in this is extremely important.

The Free Chips Chatroom Code of Conduct applies to all players and users of our services and products. We explain how to interact in our community, providing examples of behavior that are covered by the rules but are not limited to them.

Adhering to these rules is simple. However, violations will be addressed, up to indefinite exclusion from the community.

Code of Conduct


We prohibit the distribution of other players' personal data, except for their nicknames. We strongly recommend maintaining the confidentiality of your own data. Threatening to disclose other participants' personal data, including their real names and locations, is strictly prohibited.

Respect and Equality

Free Chips Chatroom does not tolerate manifestations of hatred and discrimination.

We support diversity in our gaming sphere, regardless of race, ethnicity, skin color, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, physical abilities, and so on. Degrading or persecuting users or groups based on these characteristics is not allowed.

Respectful Communication

Respect other participants during communication, gaming, or creativity. Threatening, intimidating, humiliating other participants, or violating their personal boundaries is prohibited.


Do not pretend to be other players, celebrities, officials, Free Chips Chatroom employees, or anyone else. Do not claim others' achievements as your own.

Fair Play

Play fairly and by the rules. Deception, hindering other players, conspiring, or exploiting developer errors are not allowed. Do not spread information about cheats, vulnerabilities, and game bugs. If you find a bug, report it.

Prohibition of Dangerous and Illegal Actions

Avoid illegal or dangerous actions, such as gambling, cyber fraud, or distributing personal data. Do not support such actions in the community and do not share content that glorifies violence. Do not threaten to harm yourself or others, even jokingly.


Do not deceive other players. Any forms of fraud, including attempts to obtain other players' data or trading personal data, are prohibited.

Appropriate Content

Content and activity in Free Chips Chatroom should promote positive emotions. When creating content, consider our requirements.

Consequences of Violations

We consider each violation individually, taking into account its severity, the user's previous violations, and other factors. Depending on the severity, measures may be taken, up to indefinite blocking.

In case of indefinite blocking, the user may lose access to games, virtual items, and other assets.

Reporting Players

We together form our community. If you encounter a player violating the rules, report it. If you have personal dislike for someone who does not break the rules, you can block that user.


Take care of protecting your personal data. Do not allow third parties access to your account. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Free Chips Chatroom offers tools to ensure the safety of its players. Learn more about them in the frequently asked questions section.

If you are interested in parental control functions, refer to the relevant section.

The Free Chips Chatroom Code of Conduct may be updated, so it is important to keep track of its changes. Claims like "I wasn't aware..." will not be accepted as an excuse. After all, the main goal of our gathering is to enjoy and find joy in playing games together!

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